Production module

The PR module enables a comprehensive online monitoring of your welding machines and robot systems. You have access to classic operating data with target/actual comparisons including calculation and visualisation of the system effectiveness. An integrated plan data generation supports you in determining your target values without manual entries.

All data and key figures can be analysed, visualised and processed via interface. You can also transfer shift plans and component data from upstream systems via interface.

Your advantages:

  • Transparent, digitised production process
  • Optimised production processes
  • Reduction of set-up and downtimes
  • Support on the way to the Smart Factory

With the new C-Gate we can connect our robot systems and improve our production processes. We mainly look at the overall equipment with availability, capacity and quality factors and the component-related key data. We maintain a very fair and open co-operation with the C-Gate development team at CLOOS.

Bernhard Rothkegel Programmer, Viessmann Berlin


C-Gate offers an individual dashboard that you can adapt to your requirements. With the dashboard you always keep your production in mind. Each dashboard consists of several widgets. Every widget is an element which visualises one or more data points or evaluations of the system.

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The OEE displays your total system efficiency consisting of availability, capacity and quality So you early recognise downtimes and maximise your efficiency.

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Freely definable warnings early inform you about what happens in your production.

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