C-Gate Feature Report 2022/1

16 February 2022

Maintenance module released

The maintenance module C-Gate.PM is now officially available and gives you the following new possibilities with C-Gate:

  • Maintenance plan management
  • Reminder of upcoming maintenance
  • Maintenance logging

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Intelligent calculation of wire consumption

Even if your QINEO does not have a sensor to measure wire consumption, C-Gate now allows you to intelligently determine it using other values. This is a calculated approximation of the target wire drive speed and arc condition.

Custom colours

You want to use your company colours in C-Gate? No problem. With new colour customisations you have the possibility to customise colours of expected values for the dashboard and the component report. This is just the first step towards C-Gate personalisation.

Copy dashboards

Now save time when creating more dashboards with the new dashboard copy function.