C-Gate Feature Report 2021/1

Maintenance module

The maintenance module makes it possible to plan, monitor and perform maintenance on systems and welding equipment. Downtimes can be reduced by optimally coordinating maintenance activities and spare parts procurement. In addition to simplified maintenance, plant availability increases while operating costs are reduced. This functionality is made possible by the management of maintenance schedules, automatic reminders of upcoming maintenance and the logging of completed or missed maintenance.

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QINEO Productivity

In addition to the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for QIROX controls, a productivity can now be determined for QINEO devices. The productivity is composed of the availability and the arc burning time as performance.

QINEO consumption data

Visualize the consumption data of your QINEO device over different time periods. The values for energy, wire and gas consumption are available.

QINEO production reports

The production reports have been expanded for QINEO devices. This contains productivity, process and error information as well as consumption data.

Extended error information

The error information on the dashboard has been expanded to include information on when an error is no longer present. In addition, QINEO errors can now also be displayed on the dashboard.