C-Gate Feature Report 2021/3

C-Gate IoT Connector

The new C-Gate IoT Connector is an edge gateway in the form of an industrial PC that is installed near the system or in the welding device. It serves as a link between the device and IoT Hub.

Your advantages:

  • Offline provision of IoT Hub data
  • Secured transmission and buffering of the unit data
  • Separation of machine network and other networks

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Programme management

With the C-Gate programme management C-Gate.PG, programmes from robot systems can be reloaded and saved via network.

Programmes are available centrally in the network with C-Gate. This means that it is no longer necessary to operate the CLOOS programme editor Carola EDI to reload and save programmes.

A connection from C-Gate to Carola EDI enables the parallel development of robot programmes from several PCs in the network.

Future planned functions for this module are a programme history, automatic synchronisation of programmes, as well as an extended organisation of programmes.

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Dashboard extensions

In the dashboard, widgets can now be set with a user-defined time window. When counting parts, it is now possible to display them based on production steps.

In addition, devices can be grouped with tags for the display of statistics.

QINEO and QIROX connection

As a new device type, C-Gate supports the current QINEO QuesT power source.

For QIROX units from version QS2.12.01 it is possible to download the configuration of the robot with C-Gate.

C-Gate now in Italian, Russian and Spanish

Italian, Russian and Spanish have been added as new supported languages to C-Gate.