C-Gate Feature Report 2020/1

Component templates

Component templates make it possible to manage different component types in C-Gate. Basic information such as type, variant, description and a picture can be stored for each template. Furthermore, the templates allow target times to be defined for different production steps on different devices. The component templates replace the former target times area.

Component post-processing

Notes can be added to completed components. Here, for example, a rework can be documented. In addition, the quality of a part can be subsequently set to OK or not OK. Both the notes and the quality can also be set via the API as usual.

New Dashboard

The new C-Gate dashboard fits completely into the design of the rest of the user interface. In addition, dashboards can be renamed. It forms the basis for upcoming enhancements, such as customizable colors, customer branding and much more.

State progression diagram

The state history diagram displays a data point with its various states over a desired time period. It is also possible to display and compare this with other devices side by side.

Process data point

The process data point reflects the current process of a device. Possible states for a QIROX robot are: Offline, Error, Producing, Teaching and BusyWaiting. The new data point makes it easy to detect malfunction or waiting times.

First steps with C-Gate (QIROX)

On our new control cabinets with C-Gate there is an imprint "Industrie 4.0 Enabled". This refers our customers to an introductory page with step-by-step instructions. This enables them to access C-Gate for the first time and integrate it into their own network.