In the basic version, C-Gate provides options for networking your CLOOS products in production. With interfaces such as OPC UA and REST, you can connect your ERP and MES systems directly.

Your advantages:

  • Networked production
  • Connection options for MES and ERP systems
  • Standardised interfaces
  • Support on the way to the smart factory



C-Gate offers the standardised OPC UA and REST interfaces. With these, you can network your MES and ERP systems with CLOOS products. Access to the networked device always takes place via C-Gate, thus standardising communication regardless of device type and generation.

Data points


In the basic module, the raw data of the networked devices are available as data points. Further modules enrich these with evaluations, statistics and analyses. Most data points provide information, but in some cases data points can also be described and queried by devices. With the help of a PLC, third-party devices can be mapped by a predefined list of data points.

A list of all data points can be found in the documentation.



The functions of the C-Gates are extended by regular updates. Get fast support for the use of your CLOOS products through C-Gate-Remote-Support.

Remote support is not yet available.