Get a real head start on the topic of Industry 4.0 with C-Gate. You can retrofit C-Gate for existing systems and welding machines as well as include it in your next new order. This page gives you an overview of how C-Gate is integrated and what you need to use C-Gate.

C-Gate IoT Platform

C-Gate IoT Hub

  • Server application
  • C-Gate-Software modules

C-Gate IoT Connector

  • Edge Gateway
  • Data buffer
  • Network security


  • Robot systems
  • Welding equipment
  • PLCs
C-Gate IoT Hub

The C-Gate IoT Hub Previously referred to as C-Gate server. is a software application and forms the centre of the data flow. The functionality of the hub is extended by the respective software modules. One hub is recommended per location, which can be installed on a server or PC.

Tasks of IoT Hubs:

  • Central data management and configuration
  • Interface to MES and ERP systems
  • Data visualisation
Installation and first steps
C-Gate IoT Connector

The C-Gate IoT Connector is an edge gateway in the form of an industrial PC that is installed near the system or in the welding device. It serves as a connection between the device and IoT Hub.

Tasks of IoT Connectors:

  • Offline provision of IoT Hub data
  • Secured transmission and buffering of the unit data
  • Separation of machine network and other networks
  • Secure connection in the network via WLAN
  • Simplified network integration of the plant at a central point
  • Future-proof cloud capability
Installation and first steps

Prerequisites of the controls

These requirements apply to existing units. If you order new units or units with C-Gate, they will be equipped with the appropriate options ex works.


General requirements

  • Option: PC coupling
  • Option: OPC UA server (QIROX)
  • Option: PDM (QIROX Legacy)
  • Network connection of the system (Gigabit Ethernet)
  • CLOOS power source with welding data monitoring and CAN interface C-Gate.QM
  • QTI C-Gate.QM

Software version

QIROX QIROX hardware from V7 QIROX Legacy QIROX hardware from V4
C-Gate.BS QS2.8.6 7.13.25
C-Gate.PR QS2.8.6 7.13.25 Connection with older protocol. Not all data is available.
C-Gate.QM QS2.8.6 -
C-Gate.PG QS2.12.0 -
C-Gate.PM QS2.8.6 7.13.25
The above mentioned or newer versions are required. In general, we recommend a hardware update for QIROX Legacy devices so that all functions are available.


General requirements

  • Option: Ethernet (LAN) or WLAN
  • Option: Welding data monitoring C-Gate.QM
  • Network connection of the power source (100Mbit Ethernet or WLAN access point)

Software version

QINEO QINEO NexT, QINEO StarT and QINEO QuesT QINEO Legacy QINEO Pulse, QINEO Tronic Pulse, QINEO Tronic and QINEO Champ
C-Gate.BS 1.04.00 x.11.62
C-Gate.PR 1.04.00 x.11.62
C-Gate.QM - -
C-Gate.PG - -
C-Gate.PM 1.04.00 x.11.62
The above-mentioned or newer versions are required.



  • Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200/1500
  • In use with a CLOOS robot system
  • Special programming for mapping third-party devices with a standard data set

C-Gate Training

Learn everything you need to know about using the C-Gate software. Among other things, learn how to operate the graphical user interface and configure the system according to your wishes.

Take advantage of our training offer: Operator training C-Gate