Quality management module

The quality management module focuses on the individual component with its production and welding process data. It allows a detailed assessment of the weld quality already during welding. For complex and chained systems, quality statements are made for each production stage in addition. The determined data are summarised in a component protocol. You can call them up via the report function or via OPC-UA or REST interface. Thus, you get an optimum support for their quality management system and the implementation of welding quality requirements.

Your advantages:

  • Immediate reaction to deviations in the production process
  • Detailed component overviews, protocols and reports
  • Production and station tracking
  • Fulfilment of the technical welding quality requirements

Component overview

The component overview gives you an overview of the current quality status from welding monitoring. It can be filtered by date and time.

Component protocols

The component protocols offer a fast error diagnosis. The customisable graphic display gives you a detailed view into all welding parameters.

Component reports

Create detailed component reports for the quality proof. You can download, save and archive the documents.