The programme management module makes robot programmes available centrally at the site for robots and applications. This allows you to reload, save and organise your robot programmes via network.

Your advantages:

  • Availability of programmes on all installations
  • Central administration and securing of the programmes
  • Integration with Carola EDI and RoboPlan
  • Traceability of all programme changes (future)

Central management of robot programmes


The robot programs are stored centrally on C-Gate and are available to you via network for current CLOOS robot systems. This means that you do not have to save the robot programs on a robot, but can reload them as needed. You can also save an updated programme from the robot on C-Gate.

Integration with Carola EDI and RoboPlan


The programmes are available in file format via a WebDAV interface. You can integrate this as a network drive under Windows or use it to back up programmes. The file structure is compatible with Carola EDI and RoboPlan and thus enables easy integration of the applications with C-Gate.

Traceability of all programme changes


In planning

In the future, C-Gate will offer the possibility to search and restore older versions of programmes. This functionality will make it possible to track programme changes and their influence on production. Furthermore, an automatic synchronisation between robot and C-Gate as well as an extended organisation of programmes is planned.